Manage Weight Loss with Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in 6 short weeks

In the past 3 decades, obesity has become a major concern for a vast number of people. Weight gain can be triggered by a variety of factors – poor eating habits, hectic lifestyle, hormones and lack of physical exercise to name a few. People have tried just about everything to try and lose weight. A fair amount of population pays for expensive gym memberships, signing up for nutritionists and trying diet fads. The problem with this approach is that it is not only expensive but time consuming as well. In certain cases, the results are not seen for months on end which can cause people to lose motivation and give up. This ends up being a vicious cycle where there is no clear breakthrough and people keep struggling with weight loss.

If you can resonate with this journey and are sick of expensive gym memberships, buying heavy workout equipment and trying new diet trends, read on to know how Low Level Laser Therapy can help you manage weight in 6 short weeks.

How Lower Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Works for Weight Management

Lower Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is extremely safe and is designed for people of all ages and body fat composition. This laser weight management is a non-invasive procedure that is pain free and is approved by both the FDA as well as Health Canada. Through this approach, OHR Medical has helped countless clients lose weight around the arms, thighs, reduce waist lines, chest, abdomen and more. The procedure involves blasting a cold laser onto the body to lyse body fat which is sustainable and results can be seen after a single session of 30-40 minutes. 

The reason the results are seen so quickly is because the laser hits the fat cells and stimulates it by activating the mitochondria. The cell naturally releases its fat content and the fat is expelled normally from the body. The biggest advantage of going for this method of weight management is that it is completely drug free and requires no medication or sedation. The lasers cause no scarring and the results are visible in 6 weeks. 

Our Cutting Edge Weight Management Program (WMP)

Most weight loss programs are designed for the masses but what makes our Weight Management Program a class above is the fact that it is tailor made for every individual. Each Weight Management Program has the following offerings:

360 3D Full Body Scan

In order to design a treatment plan and diet plan, it is important to understand the body composition and understand how various factors are contributing to your weight gain. Through a 360 3D body scan, doctors can understand your body shape and accurate body composition which includes understanding the presence of visceral fat, body fat, muscle mass, bone density and water composition to name a few. The body is scanned before, during and after each Weight Management Program to see progress in real time.

Two Consultations with Naturopathic Doctors

Apart from the laser therapy sessions, there are two consultations with a Naturopathic Doctor. They will sit and discuss the patient’s medical history and any ongoing treatments if any. After 10 sessions, the doctor will analyse the progress and make recommendations based on the findings. If lab testing is required, that will be suggested.

Four Consultations with a Registered Dietician 

A registered dietician will help design a tailor made meal plan to help the patient meet their long term weight management goals. There will be a total of 4 consultations with the dieticians who meet the patient once a week to make any adjustments if needed and help track real time progres.

Eight Low Level Laser Therapy Sessions

The laser therapy sessions are low intensity and cause no pain or discomfort to the patients. They help burn away the body fat by lysing the body cells. The therapy is provided using equipment that is approved by Health Canada the FDA. 


Astounding Benefits of the Weight Management Program

The sole factor that decides whether a program is beneficial or not is by seeing the results that are delivered and if the promises made have lived up to their claim. Patients who have opted for Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for Weight Management have seen astounding results in just a few short weeks. Here are some of the benefits the program provides:

  • A good number of patients lose an average of 3-6 pounds per week
  • Patients can lose anywhere between 12-18 cm in the treated area in a time frame of 6 weeks
  • There is no calorie counting like most other diets- The nutritionists and dieticians make sure you eat healthy and sustain the results
  • The therapy is designed for people with Type 2 Diabetes or High Cholesterol as well and helps greatly reduce the health risks that accompany these conditions
  • Patients can see and feel immediate results. With the 360 3D body scan, the results are in front of the patient in real time which motivates them further
  • Private insurance coverage is also available!
  • Low Level Laser Therapy targets fat pockets and stubborn fat helping you get in shape in no time without any dieting or medication

Our program has benefited a great deal of people and we look forward to being at your service.

6 Weeks to a New and Healthier You

With OHR Medicals track record, we can tell you with confidence that in 6 weeks you’ll see a new you that is fitter and healthier. The program is designed for anyone looking to lose weight – be it to just get fitter or to fight conditions such as Diabetes.

You can book a free consultation with OHR Medical and we’ll help you achieve your weight loss goals in just 6 weeks with the right treatment and right diet.