Financial Overview

Franchise Fee:

Royalty Fee:
8% of gross sales

Local Advertising Fee:
5% of gross sales

Corporate Marketing Fund:
2% of gross sales

Our Franchise Process

Your initial steps into the Medical industry

Thank you for showing an interest in franchising with Ohr Medical. Your first step is to complete a franchising form to inform us of your interest, so we can proceed with your application.

Meet our Medics

The Ohr Medical team - including medics, operational, and leadership staff - are really keen to get to know you. At this stage, we will set up an initial meeting to discuss our franchise opportunity in more detail and to answer any questions that you may have.

Visit our clinic in Thornhill, Ontario Canada

When you’re equipped with more information about Ohr Medical and are ready to take your application forward, we invite you to visit our clinic in Thornhill, Ontario Canada to familiarize yourself with our operations and to discover a lot more about the company and our unique approach to medical care.

The Ohr Medical disclosure: Review the FDD

Following your discovery day with our team in our head office, we will invite you to review the Ohr Medical Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). We ask you to return the document within 14 days of receiving it..

Schedule your financing

The next step is an important one - it’s time to arrange your finances and ensure you can cover the startup investment costs to get your Ohr Medical clinic up and running.

Join our passionate team of Medics

We’re now ready to send you our Franchise Agreement (FA) that we hope you will read thoroughly and sign. Following this step, you’re now an official Ohr Medical franchise partner - congratulations!

Begin your journey with Ohr Medical

As you would expect, Ohr Medical’s dual-phase training program is comprehensive and begins on-location in Thornhill, Ontario Canada. After two weeks of initial training, we then provide onsite training at your location within your exclusive territory for a further two weeks. When you have completed your initial training, you’re all set to begin your life as an Ohr Medical franchisee.

What do we expect from Ohr Medical

Seek Diagnosis and Treatment of Infections and Skin Diseases at Ohr Medical

$150,000 In Liquid Assets And Net Worth Of $250,000 Is Required.

Minimum 680 Credit Score Along With 30% Collateral Of What Is Being Borrowed, If You’re Seeking To Obtain A Line Of Credit To Part-Fund Your Franchise.

What should franchisees expect from Ohr Medical?

Frequently Asked Questions

Ohr Medical is set up to be a profitable business, and there is great potential for high margins, should the franchisee run each location at its potential. We provide you with an FDD to review to provide you with more information about the financials associated with an Ohr Medical franchise.

We expect our franchisees to be caring and passionate people who are motivated to work in the health sector and make a positive contribution to the lives of people in their communities. Also, we want to work with franchisees who have outstanding personal and professional skills and can comfortably meet the initial investment required to support their business venture.

Yes, all Ohr Medical franchisees receive an exclusive territory of a target population between 100,000 and 200,000 people.

You will be supported from the very start of your dealings with Ohr Medical. Once the paperwork is filled in and out of the way, we provide you with a dual-phase comprehensive training program before you open your clinic. We then provide regular ongoing support to ensure you feel capable of meeting your targets and driving your franchise forward.

Our franchise fee is $35,000, and we estimate that your initial investment will be between $350,000 and $680,000. Franchisees are also required to pay an 8% royalty fee, a 5% local advertising fee, and a 2% contribution to a corporate marketing fund, all of which come out of your annual gross sales.

About Us

Ohr Medical is a full-service weight loss and pain management clinic founded by professionals with more than thirty years of experience in the health sector. Combining state-of-the-art technology with highly trained and vastly experienced health professionals, we support our patients in myriad ways using non-invasive, painless, and drug-free natural treatments.

Our objective is to assist our patients to achieve actual results that can be sustained long into the future. We treat every patient as an individual and treat a range of conditions from chronic and acute pain through to sports and surgery-related injuries.

Group of doctors at OHR Medical walking down stairs, specializing in weight management and pain management


Ohr Medical’s team of dedicated medical professionals utilize the proponents of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to support our patients to achieve their desired results in a healthy, sustainable, and empowering way. Ohr Medical professionals have extensive experience in various medical disciplines and are ready to support our patients with a whole host of medical issues.

From our base in Toronto, Canada, we have ambitious plans to open lots of clinics as franchises in the coming years, and we are delighted to invite you to join us as a franchise partner.

Our Franchise Process

Your initial steps into the Medical industry

Meet our Medics

Visit our clinic in Thornhill, Ontario Canada

The Ohr Medical disclosure: Review the FDD

Schedule your financing

Join our passionate team of Medics

Begin your journey with Ohr Medical

What should a franchisee expect from Ohr Medical?

Why Should You Choose Ohr
Medical As Your Business?

Making the medicine of the future available today

At the very heart of what we do at Ohr Medical is Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), a relatively new medical discipline that utilizes visible and near-infrared lasers for pain reduction, tissue healing, weight loss, skin tightening, infection treatment, and much more. LLLT has been approved by Health Canada and the US FDA and is becoming an exceptionally sought-after approach to treatment, thanks to the pain-free treatments and lack of side effects that occur from the various procedures associated with this type of medical care.

One of the fastest-growing industries in the world

Private healthcare is booming globally, and North America is no exception. Ohr Medical provides a unique and innovative healthcare solution that appeals to people of all ages and with a range of medical ailments. As a result of the recent global pandemic, now is an excellent time to invest in a franchise within the healthcare sector, as we’re likely to see the role of private healthcare providers increase in years to come, as the government struggles with serving the healthcare needs of a growing population.

Strong and operationally sound systems

Ohr Medical is a company built upon sound operational procedures that ensures the workflow throughout each clinic can be run smoothly. Each clinic will have a low number of employees, and the owner-operator can rely on process management systems and support from head office to run the franchise to the best of their ability. Our model has been developed in such a way to ensure it is adaptable in both US and Canada.

A business that is focused on improving people’s lives

We all want to make a positive contribution to the world around us, and investing in an Ohr Medical franchise provides you with the perfect opportunity to begin or continue your career in an industry that is dedicated to improving people’s lives. Our innovative approach to medical care is what truly stands us apart, and we’re exceptionally proud of the outcomes that we have achieved for our patients thus far. We hope you will join us and help us reach as many patients as possible, so we can continue improving people’s lives and reducing the pain and suffering that many people go through when they’re subjected to certain conventional medical practices.

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